Traffic Hurricane Plus Advertising - Get Unlimited Visitors To Your Websites
Traffic Hurricane Plus Advertising - Get Unlimited Visitors To Your Websites

Traffic Hurricane plus advertising - be sure to register to Th free so that you can share your referral link

Ok, yeah there was a different company that looked a lot like TrafficHurricane (or TH) and even had most of the same people running the show, as Traffic Hurricane. That entire situation is still underway - and could be, for some time. There is no telling what the outcome of that might be.


But - I won't allow it to slow me down. You see, I wasn't around at the beginning of that program so I didn't get to capitalize like I should have. I mean, I was "around", only I wasn't paying attention to what that man was doing because I had other things I was working on during that period.


Now, the game is on. I actually went out and bought some domains for this company so that I can promote it a bit easier. Having the right keywords goes a long way towards ranking for something in the search engines. I'll show you what I came up with.


Since it was a new company -at least "name-wise" - I was in a hurry to get a set of keywords that weren't being used yet. (this is great idea ANYTIME a new company comes out.. brainstorm for URLs and phrases you can use to promote!)


Here are the URL's I purchased: - I use this as a redirect to my TH affiliate page. - same here.. until I think of a way to use this one.. - this is my "Hurricane Traffic" blog. This blog is just a generic rev share blog that talks about all of the programs, TH included. I have 2 other blogs like this that serve the same purpose ( and 



Anyways, yes I really like the professional website and the way their system works. No matter what the outcome of the other company, this one will still be around. In fact, the longer it takes to resolve the other issue - if it should come back to us - the more of it's people will already be doing Traffic Hurricane and might not care to be in 2 programs that are pretty much identical.


I don't recommend putting a lot of money into adpacks for this one - or any revshare - if you can't afford to live with that cash. I like to make the majority of my money from referral commissions. Doing it THAT way is the ONLY way to leverage these types of programs

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