Consistently is key in a rev share program. Especially in teaching your team so that they will have the right mindset.
Consistently is key in a rev share program. Especially in teaching your team so that they will have the right mindset.

Mxrevshare - online advertising company with revenue sharing


Everything you need to know about MXRevShare


The program is the way to additional earnings, as well as to quickly and efficiently advertise their websites. Allows you to reach additional profit through distribution of income from advertising, as well as with the click on your ads. The latter option, as extremely important, allows you to make money without the contribution of your own. You can also earn money by recommending the program to a friend or to other users of the network.


The undoubted advantage of the project is the fact that its interface is easy to use and also available in Polish. This makes it much easier to program and use all of its features without worrying that some things will be misunderstood or misconstrued.


The owner is James Lee Valentine, known in the dustry for revshare (leading some any other programs of a similar type, all work, all are solvent). The businessman, who was born in the UK, currently living in the Philippines and is the author of over 60 books that have been released in more than 14 countries of the world (from Amazon). It can be easily found on Facebook and YouTube.


Technical admin is Janus Nowak, who was born in Poland, but lives in Germany, you can find it on FB, where answers questions on the official mxrevshare group and shall keep of any news.

For owners of the most important is the transparency, therefore the program is among the Poles really successfully.


From November 2015 (start program), to 3 July 2016 registered more than 23 thousands of people, and gains them paid exceed $ 3 million (USD) and are constantly increasing.  A big plus of the program is the panel available in several different languages, including in Polish, which definitely makes it easier to navigate through the system and allows you to understand the support it also, which with English or German was still not on the way.  ;)


How to make money in the MXRevShare?


There are 3 ways to earn in MX:


---------> Purchase packages (adpacki), gives us the possibility to receive part of the revenue of the company from the sale of advertising services (each $ 50 package gives us a day approx. $ 1 return/profit). Daily charging of up to 2.5% per day. One package with a value of $ 5, $ 25, $ 50 generates us 110% "profit" during the 44 days when you accrue daily 2.5%. Incur a daily 2.5% is not a constant value and is subject to change.


We have 3 types of packages:


Millionaire Adpack price: $ 50 – will yield $ 55.00 (110%) of the amount of credits per 1 parcel (Banner Impressions) 10.000 Millionaire Ad Credits (total visits) 1.000 Maximum Active packages: no limit

Small Adpacks price: $ 25 – Develop $ 27.50 (110%) The amount of credits for 1 package (Banner Impressions) 5.000 Millionaire Ad Credits (total visits) 500 Maximum Active packages 500, will work out a $ 13.750

Mini Adpack price: $ 5 – develop $ 5.50 (110%) Number of credits (Banner Impressions) 1.000 Millionaire Ad Credits (amount of) 100 Maximum Active 100 packages, develop $ 550


To participate in the profits you need to watch the 10 ads a day after 25 seconds


--------->  Clicking the ads (the ability to make no contribution)


You can view up to 100 ads per day, which gives you $ 0.50, and after 10 days of such a watch you can buy your first Pack advertising, without its own financial contribution


---------->  Referral Program-  opportunity to earn by promoting business by recommending to the program earn 10% Commission on every purchase with your main account, and from the purchase of the earned money for example. ad packages (for example, for each package of $ 50, which will purchase Your advice, you can get $ 5). For the second and third level you receive a 5% Commission on each purchase.

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