Join GetMyAds From BuyAdPacks website and get back some of your sponsor's money you just made them!
Join GetMyAds From BuyAdPacks website and get back some of your sponsor's money you just made them!

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If you are out there looking for reviews of this program, I'll save you some time. It is a fantastic program.  GetMyAds might be the advertising platform you've been looking for - so don't be misguided by others out there that might have strange intentions. You'll find whiners and complainers in EVERY program if you look hard enough.


My GetMyAds review isn't a review at all.. but a recommendation that you join the program for free and check it out for yourself. You have nothing to lose, period. Register for free right now, log in, and look around in your back office. Watch some of the video trainings and webinars, for sure!!


Advertising Platforms

Advertising platforms usually sell their ads to its member-customers only. This advertising business is generally not very effective in driving ‘traffic’ to product promotion campaigns online.  On the other hand, GetMyAds (GMA) is one of the highly competitive advertising platforms competing for the top spot in the online advertising industry.

Traffic-Driving Products

The intriguing question that confronts us is how does GMA work to drive ‘traffic’ or visitors to your online sites or to your production promotion campaigns? Its customers usually buy tokens to purchase its traffic-generating products. This token, priced at 50 dollars, is the internal currency being used within the GMA traffic to enable potential customers to acquire its traffic products.

Customers who do not have websites can still drive ‘traffic’ to their campaigns through GMA’s affiliate programs. With your tokens, you can register yourself with our affiliate networks and drive ‘traffic’ to your affiliate products and thus derive income from it.

Working Plans

For each 50 dollar token you purchase, 40% of that, amounting to 20 dollars, goes to the Payback Pool. The other 40%, the additional 20 dollars, are used to finance the affiliate compensation plan which has two levels, the affiliate partner program and the sub-affiliate program. It has a mentor bonus pool to reward the top affiliates in the business. The remaining 20% or 10 dollars are used to finance the ongoing operations of the GetMyAds company and to expand its traffic network, including the funding of other incentives.

Subsidiary Ads Agency

GetMyAds (GMA) maintains a subsidiary which serves as an advertising agency actively involved in the 75 largest traffic networks. GMA is also an affiliate in the 200 best converting products over the internet and derives commission revenues from their sales operations.

These are all carefully selected products as follows:

  • Beauty Products
  • Wellness Products
  • Health Products
  • Online Casinos
  • EBooks
  • Credit Business
  • Dating Sites
  • Insurance

In terms of financial stability and market dominance, GetMyAds is the business that could offer its customers the best traffic products and services online.

GetMyAds gets higher commission than the other affiliate companies because it has the resources to purchase the ads at half the price and gets 85% commission while other affiliates only get 35%. And because the advertising business is a very huge undertaking, the profits that GetMyAds makes surpasses the 85% mark.

More often than not, the administrative effort for small-scale enterprises are usually huge and on such a environment, acquiring new customers entails a huge expense in the industry.

GetMyAds buys advertising 50% cheaper, at half its market price, therefore makes 100% more profits. GMA usually buys the ads clicks for 50 cents, optimizes it and get better terms with the traffic networks, in the process obtains 2.40 dollar revenue per click. In effect, instead of the usual 20 cents profits, it derives 1.9 dollar profits per click. This is a tremendous 950 percent increase in pure profits.

Here are GMA five sources of incomes for their customers/affiliates:

  • Payback Program – customer gets 1% per token per day for 600 days.
  • Loyalty Bonus – reserved for customers who reach token purchases amounting to 500, 750 and 1000 tokens.
  • Affiliate Program – an affiliate partner receive 6 dollar commission for each token a customer buys.
  • Sub-Affiliate Program – you get another 6 dollar for each token that your indirect customers, the customers of your customers buy.
  • Mentor Bonus – The remaining 8 dollar from the 50 dollar token allocation are placed in the pool from which you will be paid your mentor bonus for job well done as a top affiliate.

Affiliate Partner Levels

Under GMA affiliate program, there are levels of affiliate partners which you can qualify as follows :

Level 1:   20 tokens            – Starter

Level 2:   50 tokens            – Business Builder

Level 3:   100 tokens          – Success Builder

Level 4:  500 token           – Business Expansion Team

Level 5:   1,000 tokens       – 1k Diamond Teams

Level 6:  5,000 tokens      – 5k Diamond Teams

Level 7:   10,000 tokens    – President Team

Level 8:  20,000 tokens    – 1 Star President

Level 9:  50,000 tokens    – 2 Star President

Level 10: 100,000 tokens  – 3 Star President


The foregoing are the different levels that affiliate partners can achieve depending on the number of tokens acquired. The higher your level of tokens purchased, the higher would be your earnings in terms of rebates, commissions, bonuses such as loyalty and mentor bonuses. And the more tokens you have acquired, the greater would be the traffic that you can potentially generate through its affiliate traffic network. In effect, the higher would be your direct sales revenues as well as revenues from ads posted through the traffic products you have acquired.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now because it is an absolutely free registration, no hidden charges, no required subscriptions, no commitments enforced upon you.

GetMyAds is worth every hard-earned money you have because of the huge benefits that you will receive in due time. All you have to do is to take part in this amazing business.

Monday, May 30, 2016


GetMyAds Review : What Other People Think About Its Payment Scheme?




Payments in Real Time

Payments received by satisfied customers are immediate and in real time. Customers can easily check the payments released by

GetMyAds network through their bank accounts. For instance, a customer who buys a token and wants to check his rebate, under our Payback program, can immediately see his payment deposited in his bank account without much delays and preferably in the currency he chooses, most of all in real-time.

Outsiders, whose next of kin is a loyal customer, have admired how efficient its payment system works for the benefit of those who patronize GMA services. Under our affiliate partner program, payments received in terms of affiliate/sub-affiliate commissions, can be received in real time, deposited in designated bank account without delays.

Business associates of affiliate partners who are reaping the benefits of GMA affiliate commission program have given their admiration on how efficient the commission incomes are given in a timely manner.


Giving Significance to Ordinary Lives

Customers, particularly affiliate partners, have expressed satisfaction of the payment schemes being undertaken by

GetMyAds . One of its affiliate partners have experienced countless instances where his commissions have been deposited in real time in his bank account almost immediately after a hard day’s work of getting some members of his family circle to sign up with GMA and buy tokens.

An affiliate partner shared her experience about how efficient the payment schemes of GMA when it comes to rewarding top performers who are working hard to increase the number of personal affiliates/sub-affiliates. The said affiliate partner recounted that her commissions were deposited on time in her designated bank account.

Family circles of these affiliate partners and sub-affiliates are in awe about how effective these commission payments have been distributed fairly.

A customer, who casually tried to purchase one token in order to see if it is a worthwhile business, are so satisfied on how the Payback Program works for the good of its die-hard customers. After being satisfied with the rebates he received from his purchases of tokens he continued to buy more tokens until he was able to reach 500 tokens, accumulating higher income levels.

His circle of friends have wondered how GMA makes its payment scheme so efficient that it has drawn more customers who are now affiliate partners themselves.

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