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I first heard about FutureNet in March of 2016 right before it launched its revenue-sharing division, FutureAdPro. I joined as a free member and quickly upgraded into the matrices, at the highest level. I saw that this company had some direction to it and that it was more than just another rev share that promised to pay-out a certain percent daily. (Yes, aren't you getting tired of that?) 


As I write this the company is about 100 days in, on the revshare porttion payouts. (btw- FutureAdPro pays its revenue share out to its members every 15 minutes!). It has been slow, for sure. But I'm not looking for some outrageous numbers. This company isn't using HYPE to build itself. It is totally sustainable and can grow at its own pace. There is no hurry.



I happen to be in the biggest team in the company. This doesn't mean that I choose to be a slacker, though. I like to work and to make things happen for myself.


Here is me, on FutureNet. FutureNet is a great social platform that is growing fast and should soon become a major player in social media. It is much more effective than FaceBook, if you are a marketer. FaceBook seems to do everything it can to make it harder and harder for us to promote our stuff.




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