buy adpacks at click intensity get paid 7 levels deep on people you don't even know
buy adpacks at click intensity get paid 7 levels deep on people you don't even know

Click intensity advertising services - 7-level referral commission structure to earn from - begin to build your team now 

First of all - what is Click Intensity?


Clickintensity is a global online advertising platform which offers a number of advertising services which include:
- Premium ads
- Mobile ads
- Text ads
- Banner ads
- Game ads

At present, Click Intensity provides over 2 billion internet traffic hits per month to over 17 million users. It also deploys ads via other innovative means including social media / tablets / smartphones and smart watches.

Who are the people behind Click Intensity?


This is an very important issue.  The main parties are:

Nick Johnson - CEO
Head of CI's affiliate Marketing venture and responsible for creating new products and systems
for Click Intensity. A technocrat with the deep understanding of traffic management and intensive
marketing tools.

Tara Mish - Head of Communication
Have been in the sales and marketing industry for 20 years. Over 10 years of which
have been in network marketing and 5 years in advertising sales. She have been honored
as top female producer and top trainer in thefield of network marketing. If you look on YouTube, Tara has done the main training videos for the company.

Core Management Team
Click Intensity Inc., a US based company that is parent to the global establishment, is
operational from last 6 years and is well rooted in advertising and marketing business.

Where is ClickIntensity based?

ClickIntensity is a U.S. based company - operating out of the state of Delaware

Is Click Intensity a Ponzi scheme?

No, it is not. A ponzi scheme depends on several layers of people putting there money into a pyramid structure. The money people put in is used to pay the people at levels above them. Inevitably this system will crash as recruitment into the system slows and there is less and less people to pay them.
Clickintensity is a business - which sells online advertising to companies and individuals around the world. As with any business, it depends on customers who buy the products and services it offers.


How can I make money with CI?

There are 5 main ways outlined below:

  * Complete 10 daily tasks - you will be paid to perform some very quick and simple online tasks like sharing a Facebook post or watching a video. These tasks will take just 15-30 minutes per day. When you complete these tasks you will be paid every 30 minutes for 24 hours.

  * Profit shares - you can buy a silver coin pack for $25 which gives you a share in the company's profits over a time. When the ad pack expires, you will get $30. There is no fixed timeline for the profit share to reach $30. It varies according to profits made from sales of products and services offered by the company.

  * Member sale referrals - you earn 10% of the value of any silver coin packs purchased by those who you personally sign up. If you have a free account ie no silver packs of your own, you will get 5%

  * Team Income - You have a chance to get paid from your team, up to 7 levels deep and not just your personally sponsored members!

  * Backend Sales - Unlike other revenue sharing plans, Click Intensity pays you for all purchases and not just on purchases of silver coin packs as the same compensation structure described below. Imagine getting paid when someone 7 levels deep in your team buys a premium advertising product like pop-up ads or solo ads stc from CI.

How many of ad packs can I buy?

You can have up to a maximum of 4000 silver coin packs at any one time.

I am interested. How do I sign up?

You can register for free at this link

I have joined up. How can I get people to join my team?

This is so vital! The first thing to do, is to learn about CI. Hopefully this page has helped in giving you essential information. Log in and get familiar with the backoffice. Check out all the tabs and options. When you do this you will be more confident in recommending Clickintensity to others.


Start to blog!  Get a domain and attach a WordPress blog to it. Also, you can begin blogs on sites such as WordPress (using THEIR hosting, as a subdomain) or


Post ads on Craigslist and other classified ad sites about your ClickIntensity business. Think of different ways to present it to others. Study the CL site, first, though. You want your ads to "blend in" so that they don't get flagged by the flaggers in there.


If you are part of any other income-opportunities (For example TrafficMonsoon, MyPaying Ads, MyAdvertisingPays, Zukul etc), then use those platforms to advertise your Clickintensity referral link.


Last but not least - ensure you join the Corporate Clickintensity Facebook group. When you log in, go to "Dashboard" on the left hand side. Then you will see "Join Corporate" on the top of the page. On this page you will see updates from the Clickintensity managers and support team. It is the best source of up-to-date information. You can also join the Clickintensity Worldwide FB group too at

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