Ad Pack Pro Compensation Plan Pays For Referrals Very Generously
Ad Pack Pro Compensation Plan Pays For Referrals Very Generously

Adpackpro international revshare, cashback program - free to join - Adpacks 25EUR, Mature at 30EUR

Adpackpro-international / One Vision Holding, English : Login to Ad Pack Pro  revshare to click ads and earn money. See calculator and review to determine best strategy. Sponsor others into these rev shares to get referral commissions.


Adpack 25 EUR.. 10,000 views/ 100 clicks

Matures at 30 EUR.. So profits made are 5 EUR per ad pack

This = a 20% profit

Sales determine daily profits, this will fluctuate from day to day

Click 10 ads each day (15 to 30 seconds each) to qualify

2 levels referral commissions, 11% and 7%

Earn every 1/2 hour (30 minutes)


Many external income streams

JobBooster, Internet Academy Europe,

OneVision Card, AdPackProBooster

+ lots more to come


AdPackPro is a high-performing online marketing product made by OneVision Holding AG. This is a Swiss holding company registered in the national holding company registrar Moneyhouse. Only legitimate companies will show here. Go here to search for OneVision Holding AG now:  ("Switzerland" chosen as country)


This company has been doing successful business already, for years. They just recently decided to include a revshare component into their offerings.


Ad Pack Pro International has a different (better) look/feel to it than any other revshare program that I have come across yet. Currently they are still working on getting the English version of the website up and running.


Come in and get your feet wet buy purchasing an adpack for 25 EUR and it won't expire until it reaches 30 EUR. This is what you'd call a "mid-range" price.. as some of the other sites sell adpacks for no less than $50 but yet some have them for as little as $5 or $10.


Ad Pack Pro has a 2-tiered referral commission structure that is pretty strong, for this industry. You can come in and refer people and instantly get 11% commissions on their ad pack purchases, without having to meet ANY qualifications, yourself. 


But should you happen to accidentally sponsor somebody who, in turn, happens to spomsor somebody else... you can still qualify to be earning on THOSE purchases, as well. This would require you to upgrade to the basic level with AdPackPro International.


There are no more levels to earn on after that- but there ARE more levels to reach to be able to EARN on more adpacks within your own account. I haven't gotten that far yet, although I'm loving this program!! Join For Free Here


When people first hear about this program they will go straight to their favorite search engine and type in stuff like "adpackpro team", "ad pack pro referral", "adpack pro scam", "ad pack pro review" - and variations of these words. I'd love for this page to be a the top of those search results without me having to create meaningless content with all of those keywords used as titles or subheadings.


Go here to see the AdPackPro review page.



What Is The Best Ad Pack Pro Strategy To Use?


As with any other revshare program, you want to refer others to APP. The commission structure is awesome:  2 levels referral commissions, 11% and 7%


AdPack Pro referral commission can grow big quickly because of the strong incentive to introduce others for your downline members. If your level 1 person sees the vision they will be out there recruiting others as well. When this happens, your level 2 will get populated. 7% is a ton of cash for a second-level commission. Remember, you probably don't even know this poerson!!


My strategy that I recommend to every body, in practically all rev share companies, is to not withdraw any money for a good bit. You want to begin to comound your earnings from your initial ad pack purchase(s) and use this as proof to your prospects that the system works.


Then, encourage them to register for free to check it out - get them into the FB group for Ad Pack Pro (or whatever company you are trying to build) and let them see the others that are already having the success that others want for themselves.


Eventually, if they have any desire, whatsoever, to make money on the internet- they will come in and make that first ad pack purchase. Once this happens, you'll forever be getting instant referral commissions straight inito your cash available in your back office. This is WAY BETTER than you own profits that you are earning from the compounding that you are already doing.


Having this "extra" cash flow coming-in to your account from a referral is so powerful. It truly makes the difference between almost spinning your wheels or seeing progress.


Join AdPackPro here:

Buy AdPacks - CashBack Advertising Buy AdPacks - Cashback Advertising

Instead of wasting money on advertising to build your business like a lot of people do.. why not use cashback advertising?


Except to say "cashback" would be somewhat of an understatement. What if you were able to get back ALL of your adspend back PLUS and extra... say.. 10% to 20% extra on top of that?


This is EXACLY what you can be doing now.  All you need to do to get started is to buy some adpacks.

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