Consistently is key in a rev share program. Especially in teaching your team so that they will have the right mindset.
Consistently is key in a rev share program. Especially in teaching your team so that they will have the right mindset.

revshares: Revshare advertising sites are the best way to build-up traffic while not losing your butt in adspend

The revshare industry is great for a lot of people to build-up their brand while not burning a hole in their pocket. Getting cashback on your ad pack purchases is almost the best thing since sliced bread. The problem is - most people don't know how to use these revshare advertising sites correctly.


It is great that these programs are willing to share revenues with us, the customers. In fact, it is critical that they do - because the traffic isn't good enough for people to just buy it and hope to get results. You see, almost all of the people who join these rev share sites are doing it for the same reason, the wrong reason. These people see a revshare program as an investment, which it is NOT.


Why should a person join a revshare program?


The answer to this is simple: to get some traffic back to their website or webpage. Getting traffic is the #1 thing that is necessary to build a growing business on the internet. The problem with getting revshare traffic is that - although it it "better than free"  - most of the users are only there to view ads to qualify for their rev share commissions for that day. That is not good.. unless that happens to be YOUR target market (others looking for investment programs or other revshare programs).


This isn't a totally bad thing, because eyeballs are eyeballs, right? But what I'm saying here is that you can't expect to get great results with a traffic exchange (these revshare sites are called "traffic exchanges") unless you have ongoing hits to your page. That is the secret. The best way to use a traffic exchange/revshare is to see it as a source of ongoing massive traffic that will eventually get you the results you're looking for with whatever it is that you are promoting.. WHILE you build-up your packs and your income.


You see - as you continue to re-purchase adpacks/credits/hits to your offers, things will compound. This compounding factor is what makes the difference, 100%. What do I mean by this?


 Compound your TRAFFIC and EARNINGS at the same time?


Each time you buy another adpack it will ad credits to your sites (you probably need to assign them) AND you'll be earning from the brand new adpack, in addition to all of the others you are already earning on. So you're getting more traffic and more money. The key is, though, is to NOT see that money as "takable". Certainly not if you expect your traffic to continue to grow.


If you have a goal to get some serious exposure to your products or services (getting people to your websites) and you don't want to have to spend a lot of money when you don't even know if you are going to be getting any results from your adspend.. get used-to TRAFFIC EXCHANGE REVSHARES. Find some revshares that you enjoy and put them to work for you. See the list here.


Unless you are working for a major company that has a massive advertising budget - well - you are probably limited on what you can spend each month to grow your business. By now, I hope you already know, that website traffic will literally be the difference between whether you become wildly successful or you basically get nowhere anytime quickly and might even end-up quitting entirely.


Although not 2 of these programs are exactly the same - they all pretty-much go by the same rules. Some of them offer a lot more leverage to grow a team, than others. I recommend that you definitely join the programs that allow for earning on multiple levels/generations of people.  There is 1 program that actually pays down 7 levels deep. You DEFINITELY want to be involved in that one. Plus, another I highly-recommend has both a very generous matrix PLUS a 5-levels-deep commission structure


In ANY of these programs money won't just begin to fly into your hands just because you regiater and do nothing with it. It takes work. It takes you using the platforms for what they are intended to be used for... traffic generation. This means that you wan to load-up some banners and/or text ads into each one and assign some credits. You will find that this is actually mandatory to do to begin to actually earn sommissions in many revshare sites. Join some programs free, now.


Now - rev share sites are coming out of the woodwork like crazy and they are all looking pretty much the same as all the others. Nothing much unique about any of them. They like to brag or promote the concept of a "trusted admin" or a certain fixed daily percentage that you will be eaning. Never listen to any of this. Do your due dilligence before putting a lot of money into ANY program.


I, personally, tell people to put as much into their own ad pack purchases as they can, comfortably. I also tell them to do more than 1 program. Diversify. You NEVER know what can happen from day to day and you certainly don't want to rely on only 1 source of income. That would be silly.


You are better off joining more programs and putting less money into each, in my opinion. Plus, you can promote them all just as easily as you can promote 1. Well, this is possible if you do something like what I am doing here, with this website.  I will never rely on 1 program. My idea will last forever no matter what. All I need to do is take whichever programs disapper off of my pages. Simple as that. The rev share idea, though, is here to stay. Would you agree? This is my belief. 

Buy AdPacks - CashBack Advertising Buy AdPacks - Cashback Advertising

Instead of wasting money on advertising to build your business like a lot of people do.. why not use cashback advertising?


Except to say "cashback" would be somewhat of an understatement. What if you were able to get back ALL of your adspend back PLUS and extra... say.. 10% to 20% extra on top of that?


This is EXACLY what you can be doing now.  All you need to do to get started is to buy some adpacks.

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