ad pack pro review(s) - is adpackpro scam or legit?
ad pack pro review(s) - is adpackpro scam or legit?

adpackpro: Ad pack pro international review - scam or legit rev share site

The AdPackPro rev share company is based out of Switzerland and has strong ties to other industries so it isn't just an idea of somebody who woke up and said to themself "I want to create a rev share program today".


To be honest, you really don't want to get involved in ANY rev share program that doesn't have a steady history of earning profits long before the rev share portion gets added to their offering. This is only a set up for total failure for the ones that think that they can create a program that compounds earnings for the members without having sources of external funds coming in to the program.


Ad Pack Pro International is definitely on the up-and-up when it comes to being something more substantial than a company that will only sell ads on their site (different types of ads) and call it "retail profits". I mean, this is fine and all if there is a big portion of retail profits but it really is hard to pull-off to satisfy the regulators.

Sure - you can search more around the internet for Ad Pack Pro reviews but all in all you'll come to the conclusion that each AdPackPro review is doing 1 of 2 things: bringing you closer or driving you further from just registering for you own free account and joining the FB group for the company and creating your own experience, your own review, that is far better than anything you'll read or watch online about it.


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