Reviews - Review of your rev shares you might be looking-in to. There are lots of great revshare programs out there.
Reviews - Review of your rev shares you might be looking-in to. There are lots of great revshare programs out there.

Review: Reviews Of Different Revshare Companies: You'll see good reviews and bad reviews of same companies throughout the internet

Many people need to type-in "review" or "scam" after a program name, into the search engines, to decide for themselves if a "scam site" or a legit business that they might want to join and earn with.


The problem with searching for reviews, is - everybody will only give a review based on their own experience and that is all. You don't have a great indication of whether or not the program you are looking at is for you or not by just going by 1 or 2 people's "review".


If you look hard enough you will surely find the good or the bad reviews alike, for any company in existance. The biggest variable will be where you mind is at and if you are going to put enough time into learning all of the things which you feel you need to know to make an informed decision for yourself.


Any of these different revshare program or company reviews are definitely biased.. in that I am a rev share guy and I have my own thoughts and attitudes/opinions on these. Not to mention the idea that I am in practically all of them, myself.


I'd be in all of the, myself, only I don't want to spend my entire day going from site to site, clicking ads just to stay qualified to earn for the next 24 hours. Although I am leaving the idea open for others who want to partner with me - to register into some of the ones that I am not in and they can put THEIR referral link onto my site, here. Of course, there are some stipulations so that we can mutually benefit from the partnership.


Review Of ALL Reviews?

Instead of this being an "unbiased" FuturNet/FutureAdPro review page where I try to sway you into a certain direction to suit MY needs and to benefit myself in some manner.. this is simply a "review of all reviews" that you will see out there, other than this review. So yes, you aren't going to learn anything here - specific to the program - based on my experiences with the program.


The simple fact that I am linking to the program from this page should hint to you that I am not only registered into FutureNet and FutureAdPro, but that I am also promoting them. Why on god's green earth would I promote something that I didn't like or thought was just a scam site? That would be the complete opporsite of making sense. Only a scammer would do that - if there was some way they could profit from it.


Anybody that feels it is worth their time to create any type of FN/FAP review article on their website has a motive behind it. Either they want you to join the program under their referral link OR they are seriously trying to talk bad about the company. Those would be referred to as "hater sites".

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