Compounding commissions: As your referrals compound their OWN income, you'll be earning straight profits from their re-purchases, compounding that income. do you have an interest in this?

You've done the math for the "penny doubled daily for 30 days or a million bucks" question that made it's way around the globe, I'm sure. Knowing what we know now - we'd gladly pass-up on the million dollar offer.


Me or you probably weren't ever given that offer.. but we DO have a choice to make. And this choice DOES conecern both money and compoumding. You see.. even if you didn't choose to be involved with anybody else out there in the world when it comes to money.. you can't get around having to deal with the power of compounding. Sad thing is, it is going into the wrong direction, most likely.


If you aren't using the power of compounding to your advantage.. it is definitely, without any doubt, being used against you, to your DISadvantage. How do you like the sound of that? Not a very nice thought, is it? You are here, now, and hopefully you use this info to help yourself out.


Compounding commissions is so powerful, you'll want to stay on this page for as long as it take to understand the fact that you could create serious wealth with this information. Nobody will be able to hold you back from getting anything that you want out of life, that money COULD buy.


As your referrals compound their OWN income, you'll be earning straight profits from their re-purchases, compounding income generated from each of your referral's purchases.




It seems silly because the answer is so simple that I feel I need to make-up more content just so this page looks like it has more info that what I actually need to say.  The best and easiest way to earn compound interest daily is to join a good rev share program and purchase some advertising.


Even if you have no use for any advertising for your website, if you even have one. It really does not matter. Now - many of the best revshare programs make you use their advertising that you are purchasing. Why? Well, they are selling a service and don't want you to just buy advertising so that you can earn from compounding the interest (wheter it be daily, hourly, every half-hour, etc), alone.


It is illegal in most places to simply let people come in and throw down some cash and begin to earn.. without having a special license from the government that will let you sell "securities". 




Hey, investment schemes are out there, that is the truth. They can be found all over the place. It is up to each individual to do their own due dilligence to determine what they are actually getting themself into.


Just go to the search engine, if curious about them, to investigate further. I'll warn you now, though. Don't believe all that you read. Some of these writers don't have a good understanding and just like to criticize things that they don't understand. I strongly urge you to read all that you can, though, so that you can know what I know and make waves in the world of rev share programs. 


You'll even read that rev share protrams are "compound interest investment schemes" that cannot be sustainable for the long-term. Don't buy into that nonsense. No - not all rev shares are legit and sustainable, that is for sure!! But don't rule them all out. There are PLENTY of good ones that are simply sharing profits that are actual profits, and not any type of ponzi, whatsoever.  


I hope I have compounded your interest in the rev share model. There is nothing else out there like it.


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Instead of wasting money on advertising to build your business like a lot of people do.. why not use cashback advertising?


Except to say "cashback" would be somewhat of an understatement. What if you were able to get back ALL of your adspend back PLUS and extra... say.. 10% to 20% extra on top of that?


This is EXACLY what you can be doing now.  All you need to do to get started is to buy some adpacks.

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