Buy AdPacks - Build Your Ad Pack Empire In Rev Share Programs
Buy AdPacks - Build Your Ad Pack Empire In Rev Share Programs
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The future of ONLINE ADVERTISING belongs to those who understand the power of their adpacks. 


What ARE AdPacks? An ad pack is simply "advertising packages" that, for our purposes, are sold by revshare companies. With each ad pack a person has - they get to advertise whatever they want or need to promote - while getting the opportunity to share in the company's profitsharing program. This is considered to be called "cashback advertising".


There are lots of cashback advertising websites out there to promote your company or offers on.  I'm a firm believer that these "revshare" website are the way of the future.  This website was created so that I could more easily get the word out there to the masses AND so that I could convey my offer to you. 


Depending on the specific revenue-sharing program we are referring to - and who your sponsor is - you may or may not get offered incentives to continue to either purchase more "out-of-pocket" adpacks (or even to just get them through the re-purchase feature) to acheive certain ad pack levels. You see, the more adpacks you have, the bigger both yours and your sponsor's earnings will be.


This is the VERY beginning. In order for you to make a serious long-term, potentially life-changing income you need to build up your adpacks and to spread the word about what it is that you are doing!! The way to do this is to do your daily activities (clicks) and re-purchase more adpacks every time you get enough funds into your account balance to afford another. This is where the "compound effect" begins. Sharing your experience with others gets extremely exciting and lucrative!! When your referrals buy themselves some ad packs you'll earn a direct referral commission every single time!! 


Why online advertising? According to, over $500 Billion was spent on online advertising last year (2015)... that's nearly $1.5 BILLION per day!!!!.... and rapidly increasing year after year. How would YOU like to get YOUR piece of THAT??  


Some of these revshare programs have more "legs" than others - and pay-out commissions several generations deep into your group structure. Naturally, promoting these companies will give you more leverage if you are any kind of a teambuilder.  


The programss listed here are some of the most popular ones that we want to showcase. Never put money into any program if doing so would put you into financial hardship. Nobody has any control of these companies except the owners. Also, nothing on this website that is written is meant to be financial advice.


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